There are a number of tell-tale signs to look out for that will help you assess whether your car needs a brake service.

The most common indicator is if you hear a grinding noise when you apply the brakes or if the car pulls to the left or right.  A grinding noise typically means that brake pads are excessively worn and require replaced along with the damaged brake discs. A pull to the left or right when applying the brakes is normally indicative of a sticking or seized mechanical or hydraulic component.

Another sign could be if you feel a continuous “pulsating” from the pedal or a “spongy” feeling when it’s pressed. A spongy feeling indicates that there is air in the hydraulic system potentially due to a brake fluid leak. The “pulsating” feeling is normally associated with a distorted brake disc or drum.

What tends to happen is that you will notice an illuminated brake warning light on the instrument panel, or that your handbrake is pulling up higher than it normal – in modern cars, more than 6 to 8 clicks. For safety’s sake, if any of these symptoms sound familiar it’s important to have your vehicle inspected as quickly as possible.

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