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Our story…

Over the years At Xavier Auto Clinic we’ve fixed all types of car issues, if you can imagine it; we’ve probably fixed it.

Most of our customer tend to be long term and referrals, which before coming to us had been serve by a garage whose service was, 2 olives short of a Martini…

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Walk the walk?

So we’ve talked the talk… can we walk the walk?

The national Good Garage Scheme was established in line with the need for effective self-regulation of independent workshop garages and MOT centers.

Comfortable that we have nothing to “hide under the carpet” Xavier Auto Clinic has guaranteed to:

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Fair genuine service

The story…

Xavier Auto Clinic is a family run garage, built by two brothers and team of ole faithful’s. Based in London, Hammersmith.

It’s a place where your business is truly important to the team…

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German Car Specialist

Dedicated to meeting the specific demands of BMW, Mercedes, VW and Audi owners, our team shares your passion for performance, service and value.

Hundreds of discerning German car owners entrust us every year to service, repair and optimise their driving machines.

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The Story

So you’ve got a great vehicle, perhaps its old or maybe it’s a touch new, either way you’ve spent good money on it.

It’s been reliable, gets you from A to B comfortably, and your pretty good at looking after it, after all it’s quite likely where you spend a fair amount of your time.

But something gone wrong, it’s not quite running right – you hear noisy sounds in the shadows.

Perhaps it’s due for an MOT, a service check up or just maybe… its something more serious. There are tons of garages in London and you just don’t want to get ripped off (not again) its frustrating.

Sound familiar?

Welcome to the specialists car mechanics, Xavier Auto Clinic.

Quite simply, we’re mechanics, we fix cars… and we’d like to think we’re pretty good at it. And if your one of the many that has used a garage with service that is “two olives short of a Martini”… continue to read The Story.

Alternatively please feel free, to check out our service options because we’d love to connect with you and be of help.

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