Over the years At Xavier Auto Clinic we’ve fixed all types of car issues, if you can imagine it; we’ve probably fixed it.

the story

Most of our customer tend to be long term and referrals, that before coming to us had been serve by a garage whose service was, 2 olives short of a Martini…

Typically different to the norm, our service has always been being warm, open, to really offer you honest, genuine value.

Okay so hand ups, our garage isn’t in most grandiose location, “c’est la vie”; but we work really hard to please, and get our hands truly dirty “ask our wife’s”. And although we can’t always guarantee that we’ll be the cheapest, 12 years of expertise, experience, technology and mechanical muscle, has help us to developed the tools and create affordable car “fix it” strategies to keep our customer loyal, and to leave you with a genuine smile of satisfaction.

So perhaps you don’t know us yet… but we would like you to consider giving us a try

Our helpful advice, warm friendly service, and of course our fantastic ultra-competitive pricing, keep our faithful customers coming back for more, and may just hopefully get you to swing by.

So feel free to get in touch we’d love to help.