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You can now book an appointment online with Xavier Auto Clinic for a Free Exhaust Check. Simply Book your exhaust check online, or alternatively call us on 0208 741 2251 today.


We have access to exhausts to fit the widest selection of cars and light commercial vehicles, so when your exhaust fails you are never very far away from the solution.

You’re probably aware that your engine generates and releases the environmentally destructive gas, carbon monoxide. So if your exhaust isn’t doing it’s job properly it can lead to the noxious fumes being drawn into the vehicle cabin, and prolonged exposure can make driver and passengers feel drowsy ultimately placing them in danger.

The only means of channeling away those noxious fumes is via your exhaust emissions system, which is why a healthy exhaust system is absolute essential. A healthy exhaust system will not only aid in maintaining the wellbeing of the passengers in your vehicle, but it will crucially it will assist in you having a quite, smooth running engine with optimum fuel efficiency.

So if you have any concerns regarding the health of your vehicles exhaust system, you are never far away from a solution. No appointment is necessary, and we’ll take some time out to see what’s really going on.

Feel free to get in touch for a free exhaust safety check today


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