Girly Car Accessories

Girly Car Accessories

As a female car owner, you might find that the girly car accessories market is somewhat skewed. You might not want to buy all of the laddish stuff out there for your car, so what girly car accessories should you be looking for? In a market that can feel like a boy’s toy shop at times, it can be tough for female drivers to personalise their car properly.

However, if you’re struggling to find inspiration here you will find our list of what we think are brilliant girly car accessories. All of them are extremely easy to use, and can be found online in abundance. So if you want to enjoy the world of driving in distinct female style take a gander at the following girly car accessories:

Car Eyelashes

Girly Car Accessories

Girly Car Accessories


The first time anybody see’s your car with eyelashes, it makes them double take! If you ever watched that kids TV shows with the talking cars you know what we mean. Giant, girly car accessories eyelashes for your headlights can be absolutely hilarious, and will certainly give your car that girly, female charm that you may just feel is missing!

Driving Shoes

If rich blokes in their mid-40s can have a driving glove, then surely you young ladies are allowed a pair of driving shoes!

Tucked under the passenger seat, driving shoes can be perfect girly car accessories! Classic loafers maybe the best driving shoes as they give comfort in abundance while making it easy to drive in. At the end of the day why not treat yourself, and if the hubby asks where the shoes came from, just tell him you brought them so that you both enjoy leisurely drives together! (Yeah I said it).

Ice Mit

You don’t WANT to be out there in your dressing gown at 6am morning scraping the ice off your car – hell…nobody does.

Unfortunately, the winter can bite quite hard and your glass windows can feel the brunt of it. To cover yourself, be sure to get yourself some ice mits to help make those mornings ice scrapping sessions a touch easier. Insulated and waterproofed, these mits come in all styles and colours and are perfect for clearing the ice from the windscreen.


Sunglasses may spend more time as an ornament above your mirror, but these girly car accessories are good to for those horrible winter mornings where the sun can catch you out and blind you. Sunglasses can make driving more enjoyable, less strenuous on the eyes and can make your driving experience far more enjoyable, plus you can look super “cool and the gang.

Flower Vase

An absolute trademark of any self-styled “girly” car is the flower vase. It’s perfect for any car that wants to be brightened up a little. Why not make things that little bit more comical by getting those little plastic, girly car accessories bees that you can buy along with them too!

Making your car to look suitable girly… can be a lot of fun. So for maximum effect, why not let your creative side really flow through.

To health and vehicle happiness,

Your fearless mechanic,


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